How To Press Tofu

A question I get often is how I get rid of the excess water that tofu is packaged in. You can see it in their face that they are hoping for some magical tool I’ve found on Amazon. But truth be told I use household items to press my tofu. By not using a tofu presser I’ve found out that I save a lot of time and effort. Most non-commercial pressers only press on brick at a time. And who has time for that?

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Health Benefits of Limes

Recently I’ve been getting burned out with plain water. My normal drinking routine is hot lemon water in the morning, Amino Energy during my workouts, coffee through work, and then water throughout the day. There was not much variety and I was getting a bit burned out drinking alkaline water all day. And when I have a personal life, not drinking in front of others got my served with 20 questions on why I didn’t drink anymore (everyone assumes it was because of a problem I had with it). Check out this blog for more on why I did stop.

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Balance Doesn’t Mean Equal Balance

Throughout my life I’ve always heard that I need balance. And my assumption was that balance meant 50/50 or some other equal equation that gives equal time with energy, finances or whatever to whatever needs “balance”.

Well that is not true. As much as we should think everything in life should be balance it isn’t. And giving equal parts doesn’t necessary mean a happy life, or a productive life.

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